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MagicalMessi - As magical as Messi


  1. anoop chandran
    anoop chandran
    17 uur geleden


  2. Maxi
    18 uur geleden

    I think this channel is biased

  3. semgito qutikjig
    semgito qutikjig
    19 uur geleden

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  4. Ali Khokar
    Ali Khokar
    19 uur geleden

    I would love to see the two legend's of all time Messi and Ronaldo in 2022 World Cup Final a dream match, anyone else wants this?

  5. Sebastian Cano
    Sebastian Cano
    20 uur geleden

    Subtitles in spanish

  6. go home
    go home
    20 uur geleden

    If Forlan said so then I believe

  7. Natalie Boyd
    Natalie Boyd
    20 uur geleden

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  8. I. saac 03
    I. saac 03
    21 uur geleden

    Now i can understand why u appreciate him cuz ur utube Chanelle is messi

  9. Gordon Forster
    Gordon Forster
    22 uur geleden

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  10. Saunders DaChicken
    Saunders DaChicken
    23 uur geleden

    Watching Messi is like watching a schoolboy under 7 match where you have one outstanding player and all the opposition trying to get the ball off him.

  11. AFD Movies
    AFD Movies
    Dag geleden

    Lionel Messi est pour presque tous les experts du football le plus grand football de tous les temps : le GOAT. Il domine le monde du football depuis plus d'une décennie. Il n'est pas seulement un buteur et un dribbleur irréel, mais aussi le meilleur meneur de jeu.

  12. AFD Movies
    AFD Movies
    Dag geleden

    Une fois de plus, Lionel Messi a prouvé pourquoi il s'appelait le GOAT - Le plus grand de tous les temps. Malgré son mécontentement, les problèmes financiers du FC Barcelone et du nouvel entraîneur, il a tout de même réalisé une saison de classe mondiale. Ses buts au tir lointain étaient spectaculaires et ses dribbles étaient à couper le souffle. Vérifiez-le!

  13. Gondwana
    Dag geleden

    "They should name a constellation in the Heavens after him" -Ray Hudson

  14. SomeRandom60%er
    Dag geleden

    Ronaldo listens to the ball Messi makes the ball listen to him

  15. LH Gaming yt
    LH Gaming yt
    Dag geleden

    One messi hundreds leg..

  16. Zubair Ahmad
    Zubair Ahmad
    Dag geleden

    *If you can't provide the title to your national team then you're not the best player in the world. It is as simple as that!*

    1. ben cinny
      ben cinny
      22 uur geleden

      @Zubair Ahmad ok so messi carried his team to the world cup final and was let down by his teammates so you think thst makes him bad? are you dumb? hes argentinas leading goal scorer and won the golden ball at that wc what else do you want him to do?

    2. Zubair Ahmad
      Zubair Ahmad
      22 uur geleden

      @ben cinny So he may the best in the world in your sight but i prefer the one who do perform well for his national side.

    3. Zubair Ahmad
      Zubair Ahmad
      22 uur geleden

      @ben cinny You are not understanding What i m trying to say. He is good when he played with a strong back up club side but when he played for his national team, he did not perform that well.

    4. ben cinny
      ben cinny
      22 uur geleden

      why? how should that decide it? people like you clearly dont understand football. 🤡

  17. Richard Benson
    Richard Benson
    Dag geleden

    This guy is an alien, never seen maradona, R9, ronaldinho and cristiano doing plays like messi. He's the best.

  18. Pinku Kalita
    Pinku Kalita
    Dag geleden

    Magic played

    Dag geleden

    M: magic E: extraordinary S: spectacular S: super I: intelligent R:remarkable O:on target N:needed A:amazing L:lovely D:delight O:optimistic

  20. Der D
    Der D
    Dag geleden

    Simply amazing

  21. Usaid Moin
    Usaid Moin
    Dag geleden

    Such a Wonderful story of Messi's family......

  22. Rocky V
    Rocky V
    Dag geleden

    After watching this video I became fan of Messi

  23. Gregory Fritz
    Gregory Fritz
    Dag geleden

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  24. alirio sanchez
    alirio sanchez
    Dag geleden

    Messi to me is the best player , but Reynaldo is the best leader .

  25. Oxynus
    Dag geleden


    1. ben cinny
      ben cinny
      22 uur geleden


  26. Visca Barça
    Visca Barça
    Dag geleden

    "Don't ever compare a great footballer to a goal scorer" - Johan Cruyff

  27. ege
    Dag geleden


  28. Joel Ochoa
    Joel Ochoa
    Dag geleden

    We should all thank our mothers for birthing us in the era of Leo Messi. He will undoubtedly never be replicated. The best the game has seen and the best the game will ever see.

  29. Beg Zayn
    Beg Zayn
    Dag geleden

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  30. Advance gaming
    Advance gaming
    Dag geleden

    Mr. Messi❤️❤️❤️

  31. Anas Khan
    Anas Khan
    Dag geleden

    Both r amazing but messi just wow 😮

  32. Ajay Kamath Art
    Ajay Kamath Art
    Dag geleden

    If they ever make a Hollywood movie about will be such a huge blockbuster

  33. fsiysz ahmed
    fsiysz ahmed
    Dag geleden

    The man who never give up for his team and best player in the planet

  34. fsiysz ahmed
    fsiysz ahmed
    Dag geleden

    Messi deserves world Cup but argentina does not

  35. OG MaNiA
    OG MaNiA
    Dag geleden

    The Best Player of All Time Is LIONEL MESSI! NO DOUBT

  36. Aris Saoulis
    Aris Saoulis
    Dag geleden

    He’s carrying that team so hard with no help at all it’s so sad

  37. Usman Gondal
    Usman Gondal
    Dag geleden

    if you have watched this video. you can not whinckle your eye.

  38. Patroma
    Dag geleden

    This was so epic and it made me smile many times!

  39. humaid rehman
    humaid rehman
    Dag geleden

    wow how u got ronaldo and u found a diffrent clip but same place it's just too amazing wow keep up the good work

  40. Blew
    Dag geleden

    Are you trying to make people listen to music or the people talking in the video?

  41. hjfds jhfdrstd
    hjfds jhfdrstd
    Dag geleden

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  42. drc 42
    drc 42
    Dag geleden

    2021 Messi > Penaldo Manchester

  43. hjfds jhfdrstd
    hjfds jhfdrstd
    Dag geleden

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  44. Andy Harris
    Andy Harris
    Dag geleden

    I wonder if Messi has ever met that mad Geordie commentator who is in love with him?

  45. NOEL FC
    Dag geleden

    I wanna see them talk about their careers like Viera and Keane did after they retired.

  46. Game player
    Game player
    Dag geleden

    good editing

  47. Ritika Singh
    Ritika Singh
    Dag geleden

    Messi All time Favorite

  48. Abdul Nafi
    Abdul Nafi
    Dag geleden

    Promoting kindness, what a beautiful soul he is

  49. marlon detorres
    marlon detorres
    Dag geleden

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  50. Tally Baird
    Tally Baird
    Dag geleden

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  51. HQRocks
    Dag geleden

    "When the impossible becomes a routine" 😂Yup pretty accurate

  52. Abdullahi Aweis Ali
    Abdullahi Aweis Ali
    Dag geleden

    Messi he is done everything, everyday he is break score,he is playmaker, l hope he can win cup America or world cup.

  53. Annabell Janice
    Annabell Janice
    Dag geleden

    i love massi he. is a leagend

  54. Sushila Arora
    Sushila Arora
    Dag geleden

    Always watching this video! Whenever Messi do everything but after that also Barcelona and Argentina looses!!😔

    Dag geleden

    When impossible becomes routine

  56. Luther Cunha
    Luther Cunha
    Dag geleden

    About the Ballon D'Or, i am not the type of guy to give it to a "just" goal scorer like CR7 (although he is decisive) cause it not used to be like that, but, based on the way the votes goes today, they should both have 6. Very unfair!

  57. palaksh chaturvedi
    palaksh chaturvedi
    Dag geleden

    i think it is the greatest rivalry not in history of football but even in history of sports

  58. Vinícius
    Dag geleden

    Good video but Messi isn't the goat

  59. Umardraz Umardraz
    Umardraz Umardraz
    Dag geleden

    When Messi and Ronaldo Play together all was same like goal, assist but fans was always different

  60. Foremost prime YT
    Foremost prime YT
    Dag geleden

    1:55 who is that second commentator (the screamer)😆😆😆

  61. Victor Omhonria
    Victor Omhonria
    Dag geleden

    "he doesn't just score goals,he understands the game better" simply the best💯

    Dag geleden

    Still love ronaldo 🔥

  63. UMAGAMING007
    Dag geleden

    Both are good but my love Ronaldo

  64. our earth gv ilahi
    our earth gv ilahi
    Dag geleden

    I'm big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo....but Messi is also good

  65. Sinan Muhammedsinan
    Sinan Muhammedsinan
    Dag geleden


  66. Wondering BFB Fan
    Wondering BFB Fan
    Dag geleden

    It’s 290 IQ

  67. Debasis Bandyopadhyay
    Debasis Bandyopadhyay
    Dag geleden

    "Thank god he was injured. He was lucky, no I was lucky" That hits different.

  68. Studio mila
    Studio mila
    Dag geleden

    You know he is a fan of Ronaldo because he wrote Ronaldo name before Messi name

  69. CM1010 AnurishModak
    CM1010 AnurishModak
    Dag geleden

    Goosebumps stayed for a minute after the video ended

  70. shimul islam
    shimul islam
    Dag geleden

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  71. Labib Ahmed
    Labib Ahmed
    Dag geleden

    Need goals? Call Robert Lewandowski Need assists? Call Kevin De Bruyne Need dribbles? Call Neymar Jr Need all of these? Call Cristiano Ronaldo and he will give you Leo Messi number 😎

  72. Redwood On The Beat
    Redwood On The Beat
    Dag geleden

    🐐 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  73. Ezeoke Victor
    Ezeoke Victor
    Dag geleden

    🍫✊😉. Icon

  74. Alcides Ezequiel López Vega
    Alcides Ezequiel López Vega
    Dag geleden

    You are the Man, anywhere, anytime.

  75. jordys
    Dag geleden

    There will never be another Lionel Messi

  76. Bert Tian
    Bert Tian
    2 dagen geleden

    imagine if Messi won the world cup in 2014...

  77. Ajay VS
    Ajay VS
    2 dagen geleden

    We are blessed to witness these legends. If they actually play in one team, we would be beyond blessed.

  78. Gamer Shom
    Gamer Shom
    2 dagen geleden

    He is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing