10 Miraculous Moments of Genius - Lionel Messi - 2021

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After a frustrating season and Messi's wish to leave FC Barcelona, he is back to his very best. He scored crazy goals, saved Barcelona in various games and did once again some things which we have never seen before. Short: Messi is a genius!

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MagicalMessi - as magical as Messi


  1. MagicalMessi
    3 maanden geleden

    Will FC Barcelona win a trophy this season?

    1. Slop
      13 dagen geleden

      They will in 2021/2022 season

    2. Mahmood Ali Zain
      Mahmood Ali Zain
      Maand geleden


      Maand geleden

      They did

    4. Meban Jyrwa
      Meban Jyrwa
      Maand geleden

      Due to my exams I don't know whatever happened now, can someone update me on the news??

    5. Ela Abdi
      Ela Abdi
      Maand geleden

      they have already

  2. Saunders DaChicken
    Saunders DaChicken
    23 uur geleden

    Watching Messi is like watching a schoolboy under 7 match where you have one outstanding player and all the opposition trying to get the ball off him.

  3. Sinan Muhammedsinan
    Sinan Muhammedsinan
    Dag geleden


  4. Joel Mashanda
    Joel Mashanda
    2 dagen geleden


  5. krishna kaushal live gaming
    krishna kaushal live gaming
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  6. Offended GOBLIN
    Offended GOBLIN
    3 dagen geleden

    Ronaldo will never a player what messi is *never ever*

  7. qugfake bugabmo
    qugfake bugabmo
    3 dagen geleden

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  8. Aaron Sibi
    Aaron Sibi
    4 dagen geleden

    2:06 that was a Rocket launched from a legends left foot 💥

  9. Beg Zayn
    Beg Zayn
    4 dagen geleden

    The spooky lamb italy sack because person alternately rot before a merciful amusement. polite, awesome christmas

  10. Angilletta Xx
    Angilletta Xx
    4 dagen geleden

    Messi te amo

  11. @CFCMoi11
    6 dagen geleden

    The guy is in a league of his own

  12. Azie 1
    Azie 1
    7 dagen geleden

    is this guy human? even science cant explain what he is

  13. 30 Minute Loops
    30 Minute Loops
    10 dagen geleden

    3:05 thats crazy

  14. ALEN
    11 dagen geleden

    Love From KERELA❤️❤️

  15. Trevor Vidal
    Trevor Vidal
    11 dagen geleden

    One day I'll be better than messi

  16. Dex Hausen
    Dex Hausen
    12 dagen geleden

    Lieanau Mesi

  17. ynfeds votnfgd
    ynfeds votnfgd
    12 dagen geleden

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  18. Slop
    13 dagen geleden

    He is still too good even after having a bad season. What a legend!

  19. Cooking Parker
    Cooking Parker
    14 dagen geleden

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  20. Toxcin gamer
    Toxcin gamer
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  21. Daniel Zane
    Daniel Zane
    15 dagen geleden

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  22. Ma TT
    Ma TT
    16 dagen geleden


  23. Arjun Rock
    Arjun Rock
    17 dagen geleden

    Alien Vs human match😂😂

  24. New Vip
    New Vip
    18 dagen geleden

    Messi Create magics in field 🤗😘

    19 dagen geleden

    Only Messi can beat Messi

  26. Aliff Aeman
    Aliff Aeman
    20 dagen geleden

    Only 4 Name Have potential to become G.O.A.T sorry my English not too good..

  27. Aliff Aeman
    Aliff Aeman
    20 dagen geleden

    The Highest Level Of The player..Only One: G.O.A.T= Greatest Of All Time Give Me Only 4 name Future Players At Highest level

  28. Bonginkosi Kings
    Bonginkosi Kings
    21 dag geleden

    Messi is amazing and nobody does what he does the way he does it, as many times as he does it but the truth is that there are people who have also done what he did but never get the called a geneius. He is just a master of the game. that's why he keeps doing it over and over and keeps shocking people with what he is doing.

  29. David Francis
    David Francis
    23 dagen geleden

    Classical messi

  30. Soccer world
    Soccer world
    23 dagen geleden

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  31. John McMullen
    John McMullen
    24 dagen geleden

    Messi is football fury

  32. Smary Liyana
    Smary Liyana
    25 dagen geleden

    The ruthless sauce fifthly kill because angle intraperitonally wreck abaft a teeny-tiny ronald. separate, nostalgic engineering

  33. ANGELOR_1
    25 dagen geleden

    Absolutamente hispanohablantes al ver el titulo: MIRA-C0L0S ._. XD

  34. Ashok Kumar Sharma
    Ashok Kumar Sharma
    25 dagen geleden

    He looks like Magician Doctor Strange. Magical Messi😝

  35. Faraz Hussain
    Faraz Hussain
    27 dagen geleden

    People's of my country is waiting for the Lionel. Messi clothing store

  36. Akshay Kumar Singh (Sunny)
    Akshay Kumar Singh (Sunny)
    28 dagen geleden

    I'm a cr7 fan ! But I'll have a great respect for leonel Messi he is just incredible!

  37. Luise Joseph
    Luise Joseph
    28 dagen geleden

    Messi vs 11 defenders Shows freekick.

  38. abhay kumar
    abhay kumar
    29 dagen geleden

    Store is too expensive

  39. Gonçalo Ferreira
    Gonçalo Ferreira
    Maand geleden

    cristiano ronaldo > Messi

  40. Aryan Ranjan
    Aryan Ranjan
    Maand geleden

    Messi is the best player in the world. He is the most valuable and talented person in the history of football. On the present time he is good scorer as well as play maker of the game

  41. Chris George
    Chris George
    Maand geleden

    The heartbreaking report causally suspect because gemini infrequently type via a amused bill. faded, simplistic swamp

  42. Yacine Sadou
    Yacine Sadou
    Maand geleden

    I don't know why players don't just use their hands when the ball is going in and make it a penalty

  43. Funny English Songs
    Funny English Songs
    Maand geleden


  44. H Pangong
    H Pangong
    Maand geleden

    Messi Messi

  45. Kees Veerman
    Kees Veerman
    Maand geleden

    If Maradona, or any footballer, is or was the greatest player ever in the world, then Messi was never born!

  46. Horicuzz
    Maand geleden

    U cannot say that grandpa ronaldo struggling to get out of europa league place compares with messi . Is just ridiculous

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    Experimente si fotbal 2021 B
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    Experimente si fotbal 2021 B
    Maand geleden

    gut gut gut

  49. seesupan Keomanivan
    seesupan Keomanivan
    Maand geleden

    Messi is the Goat

  50. Emily Almendras
    Emily Almendras
    Maand geleden

    0:50 oh no look at the almost la liga goal in the game on Saturday

  51. Ethan Ashadu
    Ethan Ashadu
    Maand geleden

    bro is just too good

  52. thereis nogod
    thereis nogod
    Maand geleden

    those so called miracle moments never happen when playing for the argentinian national team, there all the moments are shit.

  53. matt
    Maand geleden

    messi- takes a free kick. this page- "mEssI vs 11 dEFeDeRs"

  54. BOT_Striker
    Maand geleden

    I can guarantee 560 who disliked upto now are Ronaldo fan and that's just facts.

  55. Santiago Dutil
    Santiago Dutil
    Maand geleden

    @MagicalMessi You have missed the almost olympic goal from a corner against Real Madrid

  56. Nirbhay Sangwan
    Nirbhay Sangwan
    Maand geleden


  57. Mu Geez
    Mu Geez
    Maand geleden

    Anytime I watch videos of MESSI, I only cry while watching him play.

  58. Manav
    Maand geleden

    I'm grateful that i was able to see leo play the beautiful game

  59. Alex z
    Alex z
    Maand geleden


  60. Kees Veerman
    Kees Veerman
    Maand geleden

    If Maradona, or any footballer, is or was the greatest player ever in the world, then Messi was never born!

  61. samxyx
    Maand geleden

    That was cool, but his Spring collection needs some work

  62. Abeer Akhter
    Abeer Akhter
    Maand geleden

    look he's good. he's good with 1 o. THE GOD

  63. PSALMOS IYUNADE Instrument Of Worship
    PSALMOS IYUNADE Instrument Of Worship
    Maand geleden


  64. Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy
    Maand geleden

    One player who can compare with Messi is Messi himself 😎😎

  65. Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy
    Maand geleden

    Messi don't like easy goals 😂

  66. Sudip Ghosh
    Sudip Ghosh
    Maand geleden

    Who's watching here after Barça won the Copa Del Rey?

  67. Sudip Ghosh
    Sudip Ghosh
    Maand geleden

    What have you done to this sport Lionel 😭❤

  68. King Kelvin 満
    King Kelvin 満
    Maand geleden

    He is the best✨

  69. Mittu Mittu
    Mittu Mittu
    Maand geleden

    അടയാളപ്പെടുത്തുക കാലമേ ഇത് ഘടികാരങ്ങൾ നിലയ്ക്കുന്ന സമയം സെൻ പീറ്റേഴ്സ് ബർഗിൽ സിംഹ രാജാവ് എഴുന്നള്ളുന്നു ദ ലയൺ has arrives the king leo🥰🤗

  70. Osvaldo Maldonado
    Osvaldo Maldonado
    Maand geleden


  71. 11B01Aadhitya Ram
    11B01Aadhitya Ram
    Maand geleden

    if he is really to good he need to donate some of the money too covid 19 hospitals who are really in need .

  72. Said El aich
    Said El aich
    Maand geleden


  73. 10 sided cube
    10 sided cube
    Maand geleden

    can we see the 7th Balloon d'or?

    1. DirilişEditz
      Maand geleden

      Not now he unlickly missed chance of La Liga title but Did brilliant run beaten 6 player at once

  74. Sôümøjít Das
    Sôümøjít Das
    Maand geleden


  75. Mike Lowrey
    Mike Lowrey
    Maand geleden

    Iv been a barca fan since 03. Barca won many titles since then. If we win la logs thus year it will be the best league title in my 18 years of being a barca fan especially after all the shit the commentators fake football fans were saying. Cmon barca

  76. Juan Peron
    Juan Peron
    Maand geleden

    Cristiano Ronaldo? Hahahahahahahahahaha. MESSI THE GOAT ...after DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA

  77. Juan Peron
    Juan Peron
    Maand geleden

    MESSI The Best of all the history....MARADONA IS GOOD...HE WAS NOT A PLAYER.

  78. Sacar Solti
    Sacar Solti
    Maand geleden

    Football is made for him...

  79. Chintha Premathilaka
    Chintha Premathilaka
    Maand geleden

    We know....messi is one of the best players in the world...but now the barca sours......its hard to admit but the bitter truth is that...😥😥😥

  80. Voices
    Maand geleden

    The best of the best

  81. francesco carpi
    francesco carpi
    Maand geleden


  82. su sila
    su sila
    Maand geleden

    Balloon d'Or will fall on him

  83. Sooraj Allex
    Sooraj Allex
    Maand geleden


  84. The NEW Plague!
    The NEW Plague!
    Maand geleden

    Best part about Leo Messi: He's Italian!

    Maand geleden


  86. Diego Russ
    Diego Russ
    Maand geleden

    U know it’s good when it has Ray Hudson

  87. Магжан Рахметов
    Магжан Рахметов
    Maand geleden


  88. Just Another Vibe
    Just Another Vibe
    Maand geleden

    Best players in the world (prime) 1. Beardless Messi 2. Noodle hair Ronaldo 3. Rest others

  89. Eric Zhang
    Eric Zhang
    2 maanden geleden

    People say Ronaldo is handsome, but Messi is more handsome to me. He has that kind of temperament... just more charming that Ronaldo's model-like face.

  90. ayman WAC
    ayman WAC
    2 maanden geleden

    Tabonaw 3anndi radi nbda nloh

  91. Ashlyn Smith
    Ashlyn Smith
    2 maanden geleden

    That’s why he is the goat at football

  92. Teguh Wicaksono
    Teguh Wicaksono
    2 maanden geleden

    Ballon dor 7 🙌

  93. Jonathan Noorda
    Jonathan Noorda
    2 maanden geleden


  94. ofte
    2 maanden geleden

    i cant even talk shit to him when he misses he is that good

  95. [ICE] Snow Tale
    [ICE] Snow Tale
    2 maanden geleden

    Nah Ronaldo is better 😒

    1. Furkanzz IOS
      Furkanzz IOS
      Maand geleden

      Nice joke

  96. Impassible
    2 maanden geleden

    2:58 Look at the ball, it's as if an invisible hand touched it and Messi missed! Set the playback speed to 0.25 and see, and then the normal speed! 🤯... But maybe it's knuckleball!

    1. Furkanzz IOS
      Furkanzz IOS
      Maand geleden

      It is curved

  97. Ninja Bot gaming
    Ninja Bot gaming
    2 maanden geleden


  98. Omeslot
    2 maanden geleden

    Great performance!

  99. João Gabriel
    João Gabriel
    2 maanden geleden

    mauro shampoo is best

  100. Chirayu Mittal
    Chirayu Mittal
    2 maanden geleden

    Messi The ultimate genius What a man