Fight Back! Lionel Messi - Never Give Up

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This is a motivational video about Lionel Messi. In recent years Messi had some tough days, especially in the Champions League. His dream to win again the trophy was destroyed in horrible ways. Many times people thought that Messi is over and he will give up. But every time, he proved his haters wrong and came back stronger. That's why he is the world's greatest ever!

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    Believe in your dreams, work hard and never give up! AND FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM:

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      @min sisda19 please go get a life instead of scamming people

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      @Rawal Pindi ronaldo

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      @Mbappe neymar psg Ronaldo is the GOAT

    5. Mbappe neymar psg
      Mbappe neymar psg
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      Messsi just never give up✊

  2. @CFCMoi11
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    Everything was against Messi but he rise above it. Because he's the best

  3. Mr Meow
    Mr Meow
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    Today, something bad happened and i fought i was not useful in this world but after hearing this i thought again and again and i finally made to work hard and go an extra mile when most of the other people will give up

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    MESSi my King and my Lord.....I love him

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    pls part 2

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    Messi The King Of Footbal, Is Long Time.!!!

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    Ben yorum yaptım

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  16. Lam Le David Tung
    Lam Le David Tung
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    this vid is insane made me come thru from bench to top scorer

  17. Jonathan Nolen
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    His corner in el clasico.... damn... Imagine that one going in...

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    Perfect, Leo Messi Player The Best In Planet.!!!

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    Hard work pays oww

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    Lionel messi 😍😍😍😍😍

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    Messi is my idol and best player and he is king of football I really respect Messi has Messi has dribbling skills and finishing and ronaldo has kick power and finishing for me both ronaldo and Messi is the best

  23. Firdous Yasmeen
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    No one can be compared to this great little man

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    The editor is dangerous 🥵🥵🥵

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    6 > 5 ✌️

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    I don't know why but I realized this motivation words have some equality with how Islamic motivation things are said anyway nice

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    I'm not crying you are

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    football is die without Messi .

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  32. R J
    R J
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    I just wanted to say these videos like this makes me more confident in my ability to become the best in the history of the game like Messi and my name will be in the history books so thanks magical Messi

  33. king malik
    king malik
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    More than a footballer more than an artist

  34. Ushnish Biswas
    Ushnish Biswas
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    messi never said he is the best tho...he is that humble

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    Hi messi, Am from Jupiter ,, Don't spread your charm on Earth ,, save your magic for us on Jupiter okeee !!

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    Copa America this season ❤️💙

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    Real magic messi

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    MagicalMessi turn into motivation channel. great

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    There's Messi and then there's everyone else.

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    I literally have chills!

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    This video motivates me ❤🔥🔥🔥

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  46. Never Mess With MESSI
    Never Mess With MESSI
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    Why Messi is the real GOAT: Wayne Rooney Ronaldo is ruthless in the box a killer. But Messi will torture you before he kills you." Jose Angel When Messi is at this level, its impossible, you feel a lot of anger, and helplessness. But you cannot do anything Matt Le Tessier: „Not often i sit and watch football and chuckle at how good someone is, but alway do that when watch Messi." Ronaldinho „Even when Messi was 20 yers old, i always knew he'd become better than me. He would surpass me. We all knew." Luis Suarez on Messi: I start running with my head down and the ball appears. And you think how did he put it there?" Rio Ferdinand: Who is the best player in the Thierry Henry's answer, I would go with Leo, although i respect Ronaldo a lot, but Messi is just a freak." world?" Johan Cruyff Messi-Ronaldo comparisons? There is a big difference between a Great Player and a Great Goalscorer." Xabi Alonso I suffered a lot against Lionel Messi. Me, Mourinho and Ramos spent hours working on a plan to stop him." Fabio Capello on his first time watching Messi play: „After 25 Minutes of the match. I approved Frank Rijkaard, and asked for the loan of Messi." Ray Hudson „In Lionel's World, the insane becomes the predictable. He is the most complete footballer the greatest ever." Ronaldinho .When Lionel Messi retires, the Number 10 will be free again, but no one should ever touch it. Ray Hudson „In the United States of America, we give hurricanes by name. If they ever name one Lionel Messi, you'd better evacuate" Manuel Pellegrini: I don't know the parameters for the Ballon D'or Award. I just know that Messi deserves to win it every single year." Robert Martinez on Messi: „His 6th Ballon D'or is a very deserved prize If you like football, you like Messi." Trent Alexander-Amold: „Best player in the world? Lionel Messi. He's the best ever. He's the best player i have ever faced. I prefer Messi over Ronaldo, like his style of play and how fast he is." Frederic Kanoute We have come to a point where it becomes embarrassing not to admit that Lionel Messi is the GOAT" Lucas Moura It's impossible to stop Messi. You have to tie him up and make sure it's the best rope" Neymar Jr: Messi is incredible. He's the best i have ever seen play. There should be a Ballon D'or just for him I will always love him." Ray Hudson „Messi knows the laws of physics, but the laws don't know Leo Messi." Zlatan Ibrahimovic: „Messi has conquered Spain. If he can do it there, he can do it everywhere. He loves the game so much that he wouldn't have any problems to perform like he is doing in barcelona worldwide." Graeme Souness: Look, i played against Maradona five times, and i am telling you, Messi is better Julio Salinas If Gary Lineker is saying that Messi is making him realize how bad he was, than imagine how the rest of us feel." Angel Cappa „Without Lionel Messi, now Barcelona would be 10th in La Liga." Javier Aguirre: How to stop Lionel Messi? Well, i honestly have no idea. Every team i tried to stop him with, never worked Cesc Fabregas: „The first time Messi came to La Masia to play with us, told Pique: You see that little guy? Let's kick him and take the ball from him. But when he made his first Dribble, he left both of us on the floor." Sergio Ramos: I respect Maradona, i think he is a great player, but all of Argentina know that he is fight years behind Lionel Messi. Pep Guardiola: „Messi is not the best player because he can dribble past 3 or 4 players, he is because he does it better than everyone in the world." Mascherano No, the club is bigger than any manager than any player.except Messi. That's the reality, and you have to accept it." Neymar Jr. „Playing alongside Leo was a unique experience and we became friends. Of those i have seen play, Messi is the best in history Eden Hazard „Two GOATS you say? There is only one GOAT Lionel Messi." Thierry Henry on Messi: When the guy gets upset, he asks the ball from the Goalie and just runs past everyone." Ansu Fati: I still habe doubts whether all this is real or not. I've been watching Messi for many years, and now play with him, It's a dream." Fernando Llorente: „Messi wasn't on form yesterday, but what can we say about Messi? Even when he's off form, he's the best player on the pitch." Eric Abidal: „I'll show my Grandkids Videos of Lionel Messi, just like my father showed me videos of Maradona Marco Van Basten Ronaldo is a great player, but those who claim that he is better than Messi, don't understand football. Messi is unique." Wayne Rooney „Lionel Messi is a joke, for me the best ever." Mourinho: Messi is the god of football." Felipe Melo: Lionel Messi is far better than Ronaldo. He is more complete. Cristiano can score 5 goals, but Messi scores 5 and will also assist." Arda Turan: Messi or Ronaldo best player in the world? in the world, i would say Ronaldo. Messi is from another planet." David Beckham: Messi is alone in his class as a player, it is impossible that there is another like him, both he and Cristiano, who is not at Messi's level, are above the rest." Wayne Rooney „Despite my friendship with Ronaldo, i'd go for Messi." Paolo Maldini I did not play against Leo Messi, because he was injured, thank god he was injured. Still don't think that Messi is the GOAT? Well, than look. In Europe's top five leagues over the past five years Thomas Müller 84 Chances Neymar Jr 86 Chances De Bruyne: 94 Chances Di Maria: 109 Chances Lionel Messi: 158 Chances Between 19th February 2012 and 16th February 2013 (363) Days, Messi scored a total of 100 Goals.100 Goals in less than a year In 2012 Messi scored 91 Goals in 69 Games Messi Achievements 2012 Ballon D'or Golden Shoe UEFA Super Cup Copa Del Ray Spanish Super Cup Top Scorer UCL Top Scorer La Liga Top Scorer Fifpro World XI UEFA Team of the year La Liga Poty Fifa World Poty La Liga Best player La Liga best forward Leo Messi in 2010s: Most Goals (579) Most Assists (136) Most Take Ons (1535) Most Free kick goals (36) Most Accurate passes in final third (8264) Leo Messi's Season 2019/20. App: 31 Goals: 24 Assists: 16 Penalties: 3 Hat-Tricks: 3 Freekicks: 4 Lionel Messi's Goals against the EPL Big Six Arsenal: 9 Man City: 6 Man Utd: 4 Chelsea: 3 Liverpool: 2 Spurs: 2 (Remember that he plays in La Liga) When Barca won 6 Trophies in a year, Messi scored in 5 Finals. 2 Goals in the Title deciding Game of La Liga Header Goal in UCL Final Chip Goal in Copa Del Ray Final 2 Goals in Spanish Super Cup final -Chest goal in club world cup final Messi All time stats Games: 718 Goals: 627 Assists: 261 (In Barcelona) After Messi turned 30 Garnes: 154 Goals: 131 Assists: 62 Lionel Messi 2019/20 record: Goals by Barca 63 Direct goal involvements: 40 Direct goal contributions: 63% Most free kicks scored over the last 8 years Lionel Messi: 29 Juventus: 27 Real Madrid: 23 El Clasico Goalscorers all time list Messi: 26 Raul: 19 Cristiano Ronaldo: 18 Messi's record against Real Betis Games: 23 Goals: 18 Assists: B Messi's record against Bilbao Games: 31 Goals and Assists: 34 Wins: 24 Loses: 2 Messi's record against Valencia Games: 32 Goals: 28 Assists: 13 Messi's record against Alaves Games: 5 Goals and Assists: 9 Wins: 4 Messi's record against Granada Wins: 9 Games: 10 Goals 11 Messi's record under Valverde Games: 124 Goals: 112 Assists: 49 Messi's record against Granada Games: 10 Goals: 11 Wins: 9 Messi's record under Valverde Games: 124 Goals: 112 Assists: 49 Messi's records from 2010 decade Goals: 369 Assists: 136 POTY's: 7 Golden Shoes: 6 Trophies: 24 Messi's record after turning 30 Games: 148 Direct goal involvements: 179 Trophies: 6 Most clubs scored against in champions league Messi: 34 Raul: 33 Cristiano Ronaldo: 33 For those people who still think Ronaldo is better than Messi. Ronaldo stats Games: 1000 Goals: 725 Assists: 222 Messi stats Games: 856 Goals: 697 Assists: 292 People still think, that Ronaldo way better than Messi. What think about these people: pls go and watch football. Well.we can say that Messi is clearly the GOAT...🐐👑💖.... MESSI FANS 🐐⚡ :- If you like messi please visit my Channel by clicking on the profile picture to see awesome MESSI shorts🐐⚡.....

  47. hagai polack
    hagai polack
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    my dad say dont metter what heppend at the futcher pele allweys be the best and then messi come

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  49. La Gme
    La Gme
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    I wish i could challenge messi to a solo match 😅

  50. Sushrut Dhungana
    Sushrut Dhungana
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    Everyone saying messi is finished!! Just wait till he lifts the 2022 World Cup⚽️⚽️💥

    1. Mozart of Football
      Mozart of Football
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      @AKDUGI and ronaldo even he is not gonna lift

    2. AKDUGI
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      Never gonna happen lol

  51. Barna Szekely
    Barna Szekely
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    i belive in my dreams and i will belive in me and my future!

  52. fleur fleur
    fleur fleur
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    This video is just woww🙌🙌😍

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    Big fan of Messi

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    Mbappe who? Haland Who?

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  56. Dhruv Jha
    Dhruv Jha
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    The greatest player to ever step on the football ground.

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    Muhammad Taha
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    This really gives me motivation.. thanks

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    Khurshed Pirmatov
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    It's genius

  59. gtmalino
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    he will be the first icon with 100 rate

  60. Darshil Bhatt
    Darshil Bhatt
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    Please can you make an official video clearing Messi ronaldo the greatest and shutting the mouth of some stupid people comparing them with haaland and mbappe. ( Ronaldo Messi doesn't need to prove though) but it will be a great video to make .

  61. Gaming with SUDEV
    Gaming with SUDEV
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  62. Odjada Ochuko
    Odjada Ochuko
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    I swear I don’t like this video because it’s about Messi... I like it because it makes me want to be better in life and never give up 💯💪🏾

  63. • Fabrox Marianix ® •
    • Fabrox Marianix ® •
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    Never Give Up Lionel Messi! Never. You will Comeback.

  64. Dwaipayan Som
    Dwaipayan Som
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    Unfortunately in a country like mine (INDIA)...there's no opportunity...if you belong to a middle class family...We are brainwashed and forced to pursue academics our whole life in order to achieve financial stability...yes but still we dream every day...but never do we get the opportunity to even try and go further

  65. Jisan Islam
    Jisan Islam
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    Barca lost to PSG ... But , remember only one man is not enough to face the 11 players in the other team ..... If the Barcelona in the Garduola's generation was now , no team can beat Barcelona ⚡

  67. x- hubz
    x- hubz
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    I am Cr7 Fan , But i can't say any bad reviews About messi's Game .

  68. Chris Rehe
    Chris Rehe
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    I am in love with messi, but in the past few years/months you made me love him even more. He´s the goat. (CR7 is also incredible)

  69. RespectGคmeͥChͣaͫภger չ
    RespectGคmeͥChͣaͫภger չ
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    Cr don't take place of Leonel Messi ❤️

  70. Messi is the best
    Messi is the best
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    Messi Messi Messi.....)))

  71. Emsi19
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    Messi is the best athlete the world will ever see. I love Messi for his talent, I love his humility, his focus. I truly love that after every single goal he makes the sign of the cross. Many players take that moment celebrate themeselves, Messi takes that moment to celebrate God. This to me defines who Messi is. People always say Messi is a God of football. Messi always thanks God for allowing him to play football. Edit to add a big thank you to MagicalMessi for creating the best videos bar none about Lionel Messi.

    1. Emsi19
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      @JustFF5615 ❤️

    2. JustFF5615
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      Good job!!

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    Vinod Gurung
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    This video is amazing🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    keep going bruh i like your vedios 🔥❤️

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    Messi is no longer the goat

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    This is your best youtube video yet

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    A Ronaldinho vid maybe?

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    I know after few years MSN again make history

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    Why are you bringing ronaldo into it

  80. Woef
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    A lot of dreams being shattered these days by decisions of governments...

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    My father asked me who u want to become...... Me: Like messi😍😍😘😘 After that i understood no one can be like him as like god........

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    I have watched this more than 20 times

  83. Messi is the best
    Messi is the best
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  84. Messi is the best
    Messi is the best
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    I love you Messi 😘😘

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    THE GOAT 🇦🇷

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    I Am Aster_
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    “Sometimes I think he might be sleeping with the ball” IDK THAT BIT GOT ME LMFAONDIDND

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    Long live the king 👑

  89. adrean kawilan
    adrean kawilan
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    I'm very impressed with your talent, Messi. I'm from Sabah, Malaysia, from Dusu Sungai, I'm sure one day my son will know your talent...

  90. xSayu
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    prabeen subedi
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    Of course Messi give me neymar is the best

  92. Ugur Ayyubov
    Ugur Ayyubov
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    I will not watch football after messi.Because we can't see like messi as footballer or person😭😭☹️☹️💙💙❤️I LOVE YOU MESSI.YOU ARE BEST FOOTBALLER!!THERE ISN'T SOMEONE LIKE YOU!!!!#I LOVE MESSI

  93. Ugur Ayyubov
    Ugur Ayyubov
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  94. Ugur Ayyubov
    Ugur Ayyubov
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    Messi is really magical

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    Remontada Remontada Remontada !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Here after the Sevilla comeback 😭❤❤

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    Come back lionel messi

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    Chuck Norris in football

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    0:30 the beginning 🖤

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    The spooky composer quickly shop because hamster immunocytochemically doubt of a alcoholic single. fast, panoramic burn