How To Play (Fail) Against Lionel Messi

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Nobody knows how to stop Messi. The world's best coaches, defenders and footballers talk about their plans \u0026 tactics to stop Lionel Messi. However, they failed and even started to watch \u0026 enjoy Messi's magic.

Credits: The Coaches' Voice
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    If Forlan said so then I believe

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    One messi hundreds leg..

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    Come on man show us that 4-0

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    just put him up against burnley ez

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    Even after all these top managers and players from different clubs admitting to Messi being the best theres still people claiming ronaldo is the better. Most players that claim ronaldo is best are mainly his current, former team mate or portugese . Ronaldo is good, goal machine yes, but not on Messi level in terms of football

  7. taobuddy91
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    The only way to stop Messi is to get him in your team, Barcelona have no problem with Messi😉

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    Messi gave football all he got. He is from another world when he plays....

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    The Greatest Of All Time ✅

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    Exactly what Messi is feeling now about King Kante... Hahahaha

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    Those who had an opportunity to play with or against Messi were very lucky, its honestly a once in a lifetime thing and it should've been a privilege.

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    Penaldo doesn’t come close to this genius. What an insult.

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    Love him ✊

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    When forlan ,van dijk and Nesta declares he is the best u know that assures the statement.. Messi messi messi barca 4ever 🥰😍

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    Other clubs would love to have messi but messi already married to BARCELONA

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    Every rational person knows the truth

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    You know messi was the best player when the enemy team will ask for his shirt not even at the end of the game

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    1:32 this was smooth from Messi

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    Great video bro ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉 like for goot 👍

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    Put fear in your heart because after messi comes to field that’s when the party get start 😂 Because i saw messi warming up

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    nobody can keep up with him, you could put 3 defenders and you would still would get scored on.

  26. @CFCMoi11
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    He's superhuman. The ball is glued to his feets and can never get the ball off him. He's unstoppable

  27. Debabrata Hota
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    But konte can stop him..

  28. Om Prakash Choudhary
    Om Prakash Choudhary
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    To Ronaldo fanboys I being a Messi fan i don't hate ronaldo but when the greatest managers of all time like sir alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger and Jurgen klopp say that he is the greatest then he 'is' the greatest player of all time

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    Cristiano ronaldo é um monstro, Mas messi não é desse planeta. Impossível comparar os dois, Messi está anos luz a frente.

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    Yeah Messi is number one ☝️ man lol

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    Adam AL-SAADI
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    4:19 Messi chikito

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    Is messi alien?

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    Nobody is at his level🔥

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    【D̸r̸e̸a̸m̸】QY熱愛玩遊戲:》 【D̸r̸e̸a̸m̸】QY loves to play games :》
    14 dagen geleden

    Mesi deserves respect !

    1. 【D̸r̸e̸a̸m̸】QY熱愛玩遊戲:》 【D̸r̸e̸a̸m̸】QY loves to play games :》
      【D̸r̸e̸a̸m̸】QY熱愛玩遊戲:》 【D̸r̸e̸a̸m̸】QY loves to play games :》
      14 dagen geleden

      He is a best player

  40. Aziz Touati
    Aziz Touati
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    إنه مدمر الدفاعات والحراس وحتى المدربين وأفضل الاعبين

  41. Teddy A
    Teddy A
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    No body ever said that about ronaldo...he is very easy to defend one on one..

  42. Teddy A
    Teddy A
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    I love you G.O.A.T...i hope you win Copa America...

  43. Subhrajyoti Das
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    That's MESSi for you🔥

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    i dont know how literally every trainer and (neutral) player are talkin about what messi does and there is nothing like him and ppl still saying ronaldo is better... he is the second best thats sure but he dont even come close to him wtf

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    People need to understand that these aren't regular football fans, these are PROFESSIONAL players and coaches and they're talking about messi like they are children.

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    Backgroud music is ruining this nice video

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    jose m. when messi has the ball one and one you r dead

  54. Sanji Vinsmoke
    Sanji Vinsmoke
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    How to stop messi? Real Madrid: we did our best but still we can't. Also real madrid(but desperate): just keep on injuring him intentionally!!!

  55. Sanji Vinsmoke
    Sanji Vinsmoke
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    I saw many argument between messi and ronaldo's fans. I love messi the most and he deserve being a GOAT but I don't hate ronaldo and his team real madrid even if they're trying to injure Messi with dirty game play, i mean trying to stop Messi by playing dirty and injuring him. And also ronaldo pushing barca's coach(the bald guy). I don't hate those cause it's funny!! They're really desperate to just atleast stop messi from scorring!!! 😂 Haha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  56. Sanji Vinsmoke
    Sanji Vinsmoke
    19 dagen geleden

    They even made a laughable obstacle just to prevent him from scoring.. there's also someone laying on the ground.. but they still can't stop him..

  57. kim phi
    kim phi
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    Samarth Saxena
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    Best ronaldo best best best

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    Love you Messi. From Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

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    Notorious .02
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    His dribbling is beyond god level

  76. Ferno
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    Messi the type of guy dribble past 4 defenders in wheelchair. Magical 😍👏

  77. Football Craze
    Football Craze
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    Mourinho: "God of football, its impossible to stop him."

  78. Claudio Carrillo
    Claudio Carrillo
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    No esta traducido

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    0:58 when Messi get the boll one by one You are dead

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    Virginia Olsen
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    Bad Boy
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    Lmfao I saw the title and laughed “how to play against god “? U can’t

  84. Singh The King
    Singh The King
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    enough reason Why he is considered the GOAT. To do such genius stuff, humiliating whole of Real Madrid (RM represents a pool of bestest of best players there ever could be during any time in this sport ) and this small chap belittling the whole RM team. I really doubt any other like Pele, or even Maradona could have done that to such an extent.(yes but they all had big trophies like World cup etc). But beyond cups, trophies, accolades comes such level of mesmerising skills, genius.. so he is considered the GOAT.

  85. Kazi_am
    28 dagen geleden

    Virgil very humble. Was favourite for the Ballondor at the time and still said Messi deserves it

  86. Pritam Chakraborty
    Pritam Chakraborty
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    Only way to stop messi is to pause the video 😁🤣🙏👍

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    kim phi
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  88. Lillihamer_75 Les puy
    Lillihamer_75 Les puy
    29 dagen geleden

    “When you verse Messi 1v1 you are DEAD” ~Jose Mourinho

  89. Yannick 95
    Yannick 95
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    last song please

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  91. beast ZMK
    beast ZMK
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    Messi are Ronaldo?

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  93. ishan singh
    ishan singh
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    For defenders difficulty levels: Easy, moderate, hard, very hard, messi.

  94. Insanity FromYT
    Insanity FromYT
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    Whats the music used here? So epic

  95. Not MainManMané hth
    Not MainManMané hth
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    when he retires this sport will never be the same again. GOAT

    Maand geleden

    Alguien puede poner subtitulados español?? O si existe el video en español??

  97. Zayn Beg
    Zayn Beg
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  98. Aravind S
    Aravind S
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    Opposite team players: how to stop messi? Opposite team coach : kill him Messi : kills them

  99. Deto Nate
    Deto Nate
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    When i hear everyone talk about messi, i know 1 for sure "dont let ball get to him"

  100. Richard Cawas
    Richard Cawas
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    It is a mistake comparing Ronaldo to Messi. Messi is a visitor from outerspace while Ronaldo is limited to earth.