Lionel Messi - The 15 Smartest Skills Without Touching the Ball - HD

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This is a new version with five more smart skills without touching the ball. The video shows the intelligence of Lionel Messi. With different skills, for example body feints or fake shots, he is able to pass a defender or the goalkeeper without touching the ball. Messi is not only the world's best player but also the smartest player ever - he is a genius!
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  1. MagicalMessi
    Jaar geleden

    Here is a new, longer and even better version of „Lionel Messi - The Smartest Skills Without Touching The Ball“:

    Jaar geleden

    The add is about Real Madrid Please give some respect

  3. Vikas Kumar
    Vikas Kumar
    2 jaar geleden

    Bhai plz assi hi video dala kr

  4. Chf Vsèf
    Chf Vsèf
    2 jaar geleden

    He’s the most unpredictable player in the world The only thing you can predict is he’s gonna get pass you

  5. Aditya Magdum
    Aditya Magdum
    2 jaar geleden

    Messi is a god of football

  6. Eric Carzz
    Eric Carzz
    2 jaar geleden

    How this guy not hit 1 million

  7. Bhargav VA
    Bhargav VA
    2 jaar geleden

    This clearly shows Messi is far better than Ronaldo

  8. جواهر لم تراها
    جواهر لم تراها
    2 jaar geleden

    You are messi spcial player

  9. Sadia Salman
    Sadia Salman
    2 jaar geleden

    This guy is a genius

  10. Mohith
    2 jaar geleden

    The goal keeper at 3:15.

  11. Mahamud Hussein
    Mahamud Hussein
    2 jaar geleden

    Love the body faint at 1:50 completely fools the player

  12. Smael JR
    Smael JR
    3 jaar geleden

    Messi... يملك الدماغ في قدمه اليسرى Messi ...has the brain in his left foot

  13. Jan Lübbers
    Jan Lübbers
    3 jaar geleden

    he was offside all the time why the referee count this goals

  14. Tomas Simoes
    Tomas Simoes
    3 jaar geleden

    Sporting Portugal not Sporting Lisboa

  15. Musab Awad
    Musab Awad
    3 jaar geleden

    Can Ronaldo do 5% of this !!!

  16. Miguel Chavez
    Miguel Chavez
    3 jaar geleden

    This is why hes the best. Smart in every characteristic.

  17. Juan Gracia
    Juan Gracia
    3 jaar geleden

    2:50 He even feinted Busquets

  18. Shasif Sabir
    Shasif Sabir
    3 jaar geleden

    Messi is brilliant

  19. Si Hing Zagaliotis
    Si Hing Zagaliotis
    3 jaar geleden

    Vs Manchester City. Double fake shot. Two skills without touching the ball in the same highlight.

  20. abdoo krimo
    abdoo krimo
    3 jaar geleden

    thank for video

  21. Best Soccer Tricks
    Best Soccer Tricks
    3 jaar geleden

    This is simply astonishing!

  22. Gabriel Mohan
    Gabriel Mohan
    3 jaar geleden

    My mind is blown

  23. Herbi
    3 jaar geleden

    "I love magic show." "Yea? who's your favorite magician?" "Lionel Messi."

  24. Makc Th
    Makc Th
    3 jaar geleden

    Nice video! I've enjoyed it. Thx!

  25. Sandro Leandro
    Sandro Leandro
    3 jaar geleden

    The ref not calling those offsides is utter bullshit! FIFA's interpretation of Rule 11 clearly states that a player is offside if he interferes with an opponent and then proceed to define interfering as "making a gesture or movement which, in the opinion of the referee, deceives or distracts the opponent". You want to tell me that allowing the ball to go between his legs or just being there, right in front of the goalkeeper is not "distracting or deceiving"? Anyone that's ever set foot on a football pitch, namely between the posts, knows that it it IMPOSSIBLE to ignore a player (all the more an exceptional striker) that is standing in front of you. A goalkeeper will ALWAYS try to cover all angles.

  26. Songkok Tinggi
    Songkok Tinggi
    3 jaar geleden

    better then pele abd maradona

  27. Rylen Gamo
    Rylen Gamo
    3 jaar geleden

    3:10 "kill myself" - Marcelo

  28. Kishore S
    Kishore S
    3 jaar geleden

    That would be offside in premier league Cause offside rules have been altered a bit Premier League is ruthless Where you can't manipulate referees Like Barcelona & Real Madrid do in LA Liga

  29. viperRX
    3 jaar geleden

    Lovely, super skilful. You cannot find these on penaldo

    3 jaar geleden


  31. Jahangir bnc
    Jahangir bnc
    3 jaar geleden


  32. Abram VI
    Abram VI
    3 jaar geleden

    I laughed at my guy (Marcelo) when Messi ruined him with the fast-turning.

  33. Shafin Ahmed
    Shafin Ahmed
    3 jaar geleden

    world class magician😍

  34. andres C
    andres C
    3 jaar geleden

    3:11 Marcelo was like "for fuck sake"

  35. Zaheer Sarang
    Zaheer Sarang
    3 jaar geleden

    Honestly the most versatile, magical player to grace the game

  36. Angel Salinas
    Angel Salinas
    3 jaar geleden


  37. Imam Jundi
    Imam Jundi
    3 jaar geleden

    And people say C.Ronaldo better than him..pffft... 😂

  38. glevix
    3 jaar geleden

    he has speed make the fake efficient

  39. Efe Erden
    Efe Erden
    3 jaar geleden

    Hater will say he is from earth

  40. Rodrigo Sachi
    Rodrigo Sachi
    3 jaar geleden


  41. Abazaid Diallo
    Abazaid Diallo
    3 jaar geleden

    the world have never seen a player like Messi? he's skills is unbelievable

  42. No errors
    No errors
    3 jaar geleden

    awesome awesome 😍

  43. Aldo Fitla
    Aldo Fitla
    3 jaar geleden

    messi's fake shot are so realistic than the goalkeeper's shadow dive !

  44. Aldo Fitla
    Aldo Fitla
    3 jaar geleden

    one day , Messi did a control's feint so realistic that the ball himself cut off his trajectory

  45. Aldo Fitla
    Aldo Fitla
    3 jaar geleden

    0"30 I don t understood what he did The defender don t understood what he did The trafford don t understand what he did The cameraman don t understood what he did i am sure even Messi don t understood what he did

  46. Austin Fernandes
    Austin Fernandes
    3 jaar geleden

    way t00 0ld

  47. calid deco
    calid deco
    3 jaar geleden

    This innate capacity can only be a rare disease.

  48. Adonis Campos
    Adonis Campos
    3 jaar geleden

    Love your vids

  49. Eric Signe
    Eric Signe
    3 jaar geleden

    Had never really taken time to notice that he is this good without the ball.

  50. Yogesh Rana
    Yogesh Rana
    3 jaar geleden

    MESSI IS THE ONE AND ONLY KING OF TIGHT SPACES. No other dribbler can do this. Neymar is no where near.

  51. Esther Okoronkwo
    Esther Okoronkwo
    3 jaar geleden

    Marcelo's face like: oh God not this bitch again😂

  52. Hamlyn WWE
    Hamlyn WWE
    3 jaar geleden

    Messi is from some other planet

  53. PedroTube
    3 jaar geleden

    he is one of the goats

  54. Sure Win
    Sure Win
    3 jaar geleden

    even at slow motion i still need to watch a dew times to see how he did it..

  55. Abim Ahmad
    Abim Ahmad
    3 jaar geleden


  56. Bolin Komet
    Bolin Komet
    3 jaar geleden

    messy yes

  57. Saitama Caped Baldy
    Saitama Caped Baldy
    3 jaar geleden

    that fake shot is nothing any defender or goalie can do, they have to make a blocking attempt. any attacker with ball facing goal have that adv, and its the best feeling to fake opponents like that hahaha.

  58. Hanz VII
    Hanz VII
    3 jaar geleden

    Humiliated Carlos and Marcelo who the best at their position

  59. Selamat Nengsih
    Selamat Nengsih
    3 jaar geleden

    dewa ma gitu main nya 😍😍

  60. Craig Claeys
    Craig Claeys
    3 jaar geleden

    Beautiful. Brilliant.

  61. asankh bhatia
    asankh bhatia
    3 jaar geleden

    I am a great fan of messi and I watch ur videos every day

  62. Flight 101
    Flight 101
    3 jaar geleden

    3:9 watch marcelo saying" fuck😂

  63. George Karagiannides
    George Karagiannides
    3 jaar geleden

    I'm a Ronaldo fan, but that is magical

  64. lim eddie
    lim eddie
    3 jaar geleden

    when i was young, i was like messi....but i chose to be an engineer... :)

  65. Expert's Corner
    Expert's Corner
    3 jaar geleden

    3:10 marcelo be like.. FUCK!

  66. Asrom Abraham
    Asrom Abraham
    3 jaar geleden

    Messi is legandaer but Soon i Will

  67. Asrom Abraham
    Asrom Abraham
    3 jaar geleden

    Messi is legandaer but Soon i Will

  68. Richard Calisi
    Richard Calisi
    3 jaar geleden

    IT will be sad when it will be the day when El Piojo retires. It is an honour to actually watch him play and tell my kids about the greatest player to ever enter the world of football!

  69. Filippo De Altin
    Filippo De Altin
    3 jaar geleden


  70. David Aguilar
    David Aguilar
    3 jaar geleden

    When was the gol of the 2:19 minute?

  71. Doom Black
    Doom Black
    3 jaar geleden

    clearly touches the ball in most situations..misleading title but he's a genius

  72. Samir Haydari
    Samir Haydari
    3 jaar geleden

    Describe messi in 1 word

  73. Axel Sernaqué
    Axel Sernaqué
    3 jaar geleden

    3:10 "Oh shit " 😂

  74. hs sh
    hs sh
    3 jaar geleden

    And they compare him with Ronaldo. Jeez wake up

  75. Pato Valdes
    Pato Valdes
    3 jaar geleden


    1. Francisco Cardoso
      Francisco Cardoso
      3 jaar geleden

      PATO VALDES well and if i dont?

  76. akram mashel fam
    akram mashel fam
    3 jaar geleden

    just Messi,the one and only lio

  77. Mr. oho
    Mr. oho
    3 jaar geleden

    3:11 Marcelo be like " not again"

  78. Ruslan Mustafayev
    Ruslan Mustafayev
    3 jaar geleden


  79. Donnovan Maldonado
    Donnovan Maldonado
    3 jaar geleden

    without touching the ball come on hes touching the ball in most of them

  80. Tom OBrien
    Tom OBrien
    3 jaar geleden

    Ball control dummy vs Betis is clearly just a missed tackle from defender, he's not letting it run on purpose

  81. Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz
    3 jaar geleden

    Ronaldo is still better than him

    1. Chino de NVIDIA
      Chino de NVIDIA
      3 jaar geleden

      Looks like Messi triggered your tiny hairless balls. There should be a video about that skill.

  82. King Yousif
    King Yousif
    3 jaar geleden

    i just want to hit that like button a few 1000 times

  83. Marius Suciu suciu
    Marius Suciu suciu
    3 jaar geleden

    he is very good but defenders these days are dummies.....he loves to dribble on his left side ...just defend that and let him take a shot with the right leg all day....I haven't seen a top class defender in 10 years or more....

    1. Li'l Rogue
      Li'l Rogue
      3 jaar geleden

      Marius Suciu suciu boeteng did that...

  84. sturflux
    3 jaar geleden

    all the difference

  85. Tony Montana
    Tony Montana
    3 jaar geleden

    his body feint is the best ive seen in my life, its so explosive and given his height it works better.

  86. xbl4ze
    3 jaar geleden

    The greatest that ever was and ever will be.

  87. Ayoub Merzak
    Ayoub Merzak
    3 jaar geleden

    @3:10 Marcello be like : Not agaaain

  88. Jean-Paul B.
    Jean-Paul B.
    3 jaar geleden

    nice works man !!

  89. Emir
    3 jaar geleden

    Athletic Bilbao must of pissed off Messi's great great grandad because he has destroyed them over the years.

  90. Reynaldy Saputra
    Reynaldy Saputra
    3 jaar geleden

    wtf genius football, Messi please come to epl...

  91. Rahul Alagharu
    Rahul Alagharu
    3 jaar geleden

    I seriously need to learn how to do that

  92. Sebastian Stewart.
    Sebastian Stewart.
    3 jaar geleden

    Another great video. Well done ^^

  93. Kristoffer Kämpe
    Kristoffer Kämpe
    3 jaar geleden

    3:10 Marcelo be like: not this shit again

  94. Apple - Dzaky
    Apple - Dzaky
    3 jaar geleden


  95. Esk8 Spirit
    Esk8 Spirit
    3 jaar geleden

    Over rated, over paid morons with no brains... all that soccer players are... sorry you have to hear the truth...

  96. Ivan Garcia
    Ivan Garcia
    3 jaar geleden

    Messi The King Of The World

  97. Skyshatter
    3 jaar geleden

    you know the football today is shit when there are like only 3 big names in it

  98. QuickSilver
    3 jaar geleden

    3:10 Marcelo is like "not this again!!"

  99. Jan Röder
    Jan Röder
    3 jaar geleden

    the fake shot against Rayo vallecano 2014/15 is missing.

  100. Kareem Lawson
    Kareem Lawson
    3 jaar geleden

    I love vids like this Makes me love him even more