Never Sleep When You Play Against Lionel Messi

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Lionel Messi is a football genius. He can not only do things nobody else can do, he can also make decisions faster than any other footballer. Sometimes, even the cameramen are too slow to catch Messi‘s magic. So there is one rule if you want to have a slight chance to succeed against him: Be always ready and never sleep when you play against Messi!

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    Even the cameramen are too slow to catch Messi‘s magic. Messi is above everything and everyone! Follow me on Instagram to see more exclusive content:

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      @Juan Matheus Asarya May be not above everyone, but offcourse above CR.

    3. Raj Sajeev John
      Raj Sajeev John
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      @Darko Markovinovic Not not Croatia, many more nations surpassed Argentina. The context is his SKILL, his TALENT is above every........! Modrich has no place anywhere near Messi. (I'm not Modich hater, I love Modrich and Croatia as well)

    4. Monish Manih
      Monish Manih
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      This is why he is a second 2 best player 💯

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      Never sleep when you play againt Bayern Munchen 🤣🤣🤣

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    Messi best

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    Corner Taken Quickly... Reminds me of that

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    It's just amazing 😻

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    Реклама заебала.

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    The pricey noise socially attack because roadway intuitively prefer apropos a quizzical servant. guarded, sleepy george

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    03:45 name of music?

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    No one: Absolutely no one: Team playing against Barcelona: (Hole team gets to sleep) Messi: 👁👄👁

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    Dont even turn up when you play against messi

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    For me Messi is far better and more experienced than CR7

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    Best player of the world every thing complete player Messi King of football

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    Maradona? Please. Maradona level 1 Messi level God

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    You know what Zidane kinda looks like Thanos Like that mouth and eyes parts

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    Truth is you can't sleep when he has the ball.. whether you are an opponent or a team mate or just a mere spectator..

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    1 on 1 against Messi you are dead- Jose Mourinho

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    Who is watching this 1 year later...or is it just me

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    no body else he is the best player on the world

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    I admire cr7 n la pulga is exceptional players. But messi is the greatest from those 2.. rooney, beckham, confirms that. There's no doubt. Cr7 is the deadly stricker. He will score when u give the pass at right position. But messi plays any position at high level. He score, assist, involved more to the game. Those things makes messi the greatest. 90% of football players agreed to that surely.

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    He is the one and only magic soccer player

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    Above everything including his little tricky mind. He is perfect!

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    And it's because Barcelona went to sleep they dropped out of the UCL 18/19 ...

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    Tackle him stays up strong no diving anyhowly

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    1:08 awsome

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    Bayern munich are always awake....

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    0:29 He should run past the keeper

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    Son : Which era did you live ? Me : yes

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    Never sleep When Lionel Messi thinks

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    It's a great sin to not score which are served by GoD. Always Messi🙌🙌🙌

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    • Why CR7 is Greatest of all time • 1-he can score with either foot. • 2- he can head the ball in . • 3- he can score from far away. • 4- he has amazing passes. • 5- he know where to stand to get the ball. • 6- he can run fast. • 7- he is REALLY good at all of the above. Basically whatever tactic for scoring a goal a team might need, he has it. • 8- he is a leader and an inspiration both in and outside the pitch caring for his teammates and making them perform their best . • Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi in court: {before real madrid sold cr7 to juventus} Judge: Have any of you won the Golden ball? Ronaldo: Yes, 5 times. Messi: Yes, 5 times as well. Judge: Have any of you won the Golden Boot? Ronaldo: Yes, 4 times. Messi: Same here. Judge: How many individual trophies have you each won? Ronaldo: 16. Messi: 13. Judge: Have any of you played for another club’s first team besides your current one? Ronaldo: Yes! Sporting CP in Portugal first division and Manchester United in BPL. Messi: No. Only Barcelona. Judge: Have any of you won a title with your national team? Ronaldo: Yes! We won Portugal’s first ever European Championship. Messi: No. Judge: How many goals have each of you scored for your respective teams? Ronaldo: Should I count the goals I’ve scored for Man United and Sporting? Judge: No. Only for Real Madrid. Ronaldo: 436 goals in 426 appearances or 9 seasons. Messi: 539 goals in 625 appearances or 14 seasons. Judge: Who has scored more hattricks in La Liga? Ronaldo: Me. 35 in La Liga. Messi: Ronaldo has. I’ve scored 28. Judge: Which is the most prestigious competition in club football? Ronaldo: Champions League. Messi: Champions League. Judge: Have any of you won Champions League? Ronaldo: Yes, 5 times in total with 2 different teams. Once with Man United and 4 times with Madrid. Messi: Yes, 4 times as well with Barcelona only. Judge: Who has scored more goals in the CL between the two of you? Ronaldo: I’ve scored 118 goals in the CL. Messi: I’ve scored 100. Judge: Who has more assists between the two of you in the CL? Ronaldo: I have 39. Messi: Ronaldo has. I have 26. Judge: Who has scored more goals in total in the CL finals? Ronaldo: Me. Messi: Ronaldo. Judge: Which one of you have scored more free kicks? Ronaldo: I have. Messi: Ronaldo has. Judge: Most goals with weak foot? Ronaldo: Me, I think. Messi: (Nods in agreement). Judge: Most goals from outside of the box? Ronaldo: Me.. again. Messi: Ronaldo. Judge: Who has scored more headers? Ronaldo: Is that a serious question? Messi: ... Judge: Who has a better penalty conversion rate? Ronaldo: I think I do. I’ve scored 82% of the penalties I’ve taken. Messi: I’ve scored 77% of the penalties I’ve taken. Judge: Which one of you have scored the most goals in total during your career? Ronaldo: I think I have. 647 goals. Messi: I’ve scored 603 Judge: How many football records do each of you hold in total for both club and country? Ronaldo: 146 Messi: 110 Judge: Well, after analyzing all of the facts that have been presented to me. I can only draw one conclusion when it comes to comparing you both as football players. That conclusion is that Ronaldo is the better player in almost every category. When it comes to goal scoring and accolades for both club and country, Ronaldo comes out on top. Messi, you are without a doubt Barcelona’s best player of all time. But certainly not the world’s best ever. That is clearly Ronaldo at the moment. Messi: But I am younger than Ronaldo and haven’t played as many matches as him. Judge: I understand that, but until you surpass his goal scoring records and win as many trophies both individually and collectively as he has, then Ronaldo will, according to the statistics, be considered as the best football player of all time. Until then, keep pushing on and you just might be able to achieve just as much as Ronaldo. • Messi has won more titles since he plays for a better team, not because he is a better player than Ronaldo. Throughout his entire career, Messi played for arguably the best side to ever play the game. Unlike Ronaldo’s team experiences, Messi’s Barcelona teammates know each other blindly, since most of them have played together since they were 10 years old, always the same style and formation and suarez and neymar both were with him at one time. This is not to say that Ronaldo’s teammates were bad. They were great, but just not as great as Messi’s. For example, Messi has played with Xavi Hernandez and Andrés Iniesta, two of the most dominating center-midfielders of our era. While Messi has the added value of an unforgettable team, Ronaldo is the driving factor of his. Messi is like Tim Duncan of the Spurs, while Ronaldo is like LeBron James in Cleveland. • Nowadays, soccer is more dynamic and athletic than ever. The game has become faster, stronger and more demanding in most aspects of physicality. While Messi might have more talent, Ronaldo’s combination of physical and technical abilities just makes him better. He is 6’’1 of pure Portuguese muscle. This means he’s very hard to push off the ball and, combined with his NBA star-like jumping ability, makes his headers a serious threat. Ronaldo’s combination of dizzying pace, great dribbling and powerful shooting with either foot terrorizes defenses. He is simply a better fit for today’s game. • His athleticism is second to none; he combines dizzying pace with powerful shooting and a jumping ability of an NBA star, which makes his headers a serious threat to the opposition. Ronaldo, more than Messi, is the ideal model of the next generation of players. • Ronaldo’s international career puts him on a higher level than Messi. In fact, Messi has never won an international trophy. • He lost finals in both the Copa America (the South America championship) and the World Cup. Meanwhile, Ronaldo led his Portugal side to win the 2016 European Championship. Even if Messi ever leads Argentina to win the Copa America, Ronaldo’s international achievements will be considered greater. Unlike other sports, international trophies in soccer are the ultimate glory. His three World Cup trophies fixed Pele’s stature as the best player ever, and Diego Maradona winning it for Argentina puts him before Messi. • The greatest goalscorer, the greatest winger, the greatest aerial player, the greatest athlete, the greatest mentality, the most complete player, the most entertaining player, the most generous & unselfish player outside the picth, the best football player in the history, CR7 The king Goat 🔥

    1. Q & A Football
      Q & A Football
      6 maanden geleden

      nice one. when's your next long joke coming out? btw....most of that is actual BS. that's the most biased comment i've ever heard u disgrace to football btw that judge of your missed something: six ballon dors 🤣 also messi has 712 goals in 885 apps while ronaldo has 750 in 1028 apps. messi has 300 assists and ronaldo has only 221. so yes messi is the true goat.

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    I love the videos 🤩🤩🤩❤❤❤❤❤

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    Un verdadero jugador

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    Pakistani Nadeem Kaka is same like Messi

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    Best player in football

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    The greatest footballer of all time! Thank you, Messi 🐐

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    Liverpool won sleeping also

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    I get pleasure watching him

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    King Messi

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    Messi en definitiva es un golpeador, es rápido, ágil, versátil, juega en equipo. Es un killer para hacer goles.

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    Plzz... subscribe may chanal.. plzzzz....... Make 50 subscribers plzz.......🙏🙏

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    come on this video just shows how big of a cheater he is lmfao

    1. Q & A Football
      Q & A Football
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      how. u don't know what a quick freekick is?

  52. Marian Popa
    Marian Popa
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    Now matter how good are Messi and Ronaldo, until they win the world cup with their national's teams they will never be the best players of all time.

    1. Marian Popa
      Marian Popa
      6 maanden geleden

      @Q & A Football football is a team sport and without a powerful team behind them neither Messi or Ronaldo would have won those trofees and the world cup is the greatest achievement that a football player can obtain, but every one's is has the right to his opinion, if that is your opinion i respect it have a good life and be blessed.

    2. Q & A Football
      Q & A Football
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      @Marian Popa 😂 they don't need a world cup to be the best. world cup is a team achievement. not individual.

    3. Marian Popa
      Marian Popa
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      @Q & A Football shut your mounth and know your role

    4. Q & A Football
      Q & A Football
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      you're an idiot.

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    Celebrate this God, you mortals!

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    You can hear the disappointment in the commentator’s voice when ‘Pedro misses the target’. Beautiful!!!

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    Any alternate timeline / universe that exists without Messi is. Not. Worth. It.

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    Never sleep against goat and corner kick.

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    Watch :

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    Uck ronaldo

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    Messi can't be replaced. Not even by Mbappe who still have 20 years career in football. When Mbappe tried to get the most goal in europe. Messi stopped him. Even in 30+ age.

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    أعظم لاعب في التاريخ. نقطة أخر السطر انتهى.

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    And you are just realizing it now asshole #no use video #dislike#come fight me

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    He is playing the game on the ground and watching it from the top at the same time... Thats pretty much sum up his talent.. Whats your thoughts

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    I would prefer a title as - Never "blink" if you play against Messi

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    The big question is how look like barce when messi left

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    Over the human!!!

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    But MESSI sleeps😴😴😴😴 playing in Anfield...infact whole Barca sleeps...🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😁😀

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    This is a dumb title lmao

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    To honor Messi, l will quit watching football when he retires.

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    Never sleep while you watch a Messi magical video because you will miss a magical skill done by him😎😎😎😎😎

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    He did everytime what other superstars dreams of doing once.

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    He along with barca team were sleeping against liverpool

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    "Neve sleep when you play againts EVERYONE !!"

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    Messi inteligence 99% Others Players 5%

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      @jor sam yes, but...

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      @Adv. Sudhir Bhatia No bartomeu in Argentina

    3. Adv. Sudhir Bhatia
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      @jor sam don't talk about messi if you don't know about his greatness and peacefulness to other teams

    4. jor sam
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      You're right, Messi's very intelligent. No other team would have him playing like a ball hog. He will make every team look like barca these days. Look, Ibra scored a bicycle kick today, almost as good as cr7's v juve . lol where can i find a scene of messi score 1?

    5. Karma Dhonyoe
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      @jor sam then what about Ronaldo intelligence 6-2

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    omg , i cant stop laughing , especially on free-kicks .

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    Uff que rabia me da que no metan esos goles regalados de Messi y todo porque no tienen la misma velocidad mental y ni se diga habilidad, que hasta sorprende a los de su mismo equipo, pero ese tipo de fallos les jodio un mundial a Argentina por el tonto de higuain que no podía seguir el ritmo de Messi

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    They made the Copa america an annual competition just for your goat to have some hope of winning it LMFAO have some shame 😭

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    Jaar geleden Please watch Messi's 5 Best Free Kick Goals. Please Subscribe this Channel

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    Why you don't put the music in the description or somewhere else do you compose your own music or what that's annoying

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    Why you deleted new video I really liked it

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    Do these so called Ronaldo fans watch Messi at all...

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    4:20 my favorite, the goalie was letting leo have it lol

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    So boring watching this only 1 skill zlatan> Messi

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    Never sleep against Liverpool you mean 😂😂

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    I started watching football for messi n leave watching football the day messi retires.... I hope the day never comes..... The way he dribbles through even 7-8 players never seen it n never will see he is goat not because of his goals but because no one had have n i think will ever can play like him.......

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    There are two superman in the universe one is Clark Kent n other one is Lionel Messi

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    Shit up messi fan boys

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    When Messi retires i hope he becomes coach of Barcelona so i don't get miss him that much out of the pitch ):

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    We agree MESSI is one of the best player

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    It feels so good to come back to this channel!!